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The Public Collection


The Public Collection is a new public art and literacy project

consisting of artist-designed book share stations in Indianapolis.


Each Public Collection book station is open to everyone, for free.

Enjoy a book while visiting, borrow a book, or pass it along to

a friend. Books can be returned to any of the Public Collection

locations at your convenience.


The Public Collection increases access to books through the use

of functional pieces of art in familiar settings. The initiatives are

to improve literacy, foster a deeper appreciation of the arts,

and raise awareness for educational justice in the community.


"The Answer is in The Question." When community members go to

a neighborhood resource center, they typically come with

a question...and that's the first step. There are many ways to ask

a question and many ways to answer. It is laudable to be curious

and to be brave. I hope these book share stations such as this one

designed by Phil O'Malley at the Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center

generate more questions, more curiosity, and that they lead to

more discovery both through the asking of questions

and through the exploration of art & literature.







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